It’s very common for body shops to vary on estimates. One auto shop might give you an estimate of $2000 mean while the other one 10 blocks down might charge you $800. ow, what’s the difference? and is it ok to go with the cheapest shop?

Here are some tips to give you a better understanding

1) Focus on what previous customers are saying
Any company can do a good marketing campaign, what there is no better campaign than those words coming from your closest friends or family Mike from AP Auto Body San Diego. You might be surprised on the reputation “X” body shop may have.

13422) Consider labor hours

David shops in San Diego charges $40 hour but in chula vista other shops they charge $70 hour while others have heard of $90 per hour. Large body shops with big buildings and lot of managers give confidence of feeling, but results can include a high amount estimate.  Other shops mention they work by rules of hours, meaning they have set standards labor rates.

3) Get estimates from different body shops

Take your vehicle to several body shops to get quotes for the work. It’s good for you to protect from companies trying to over charge you just shouldn’t go by the cheapest price. You could be risking quality of work.



Being Lost

I had shared blog post on being lost in darkness in the woods (most darkest place I’ve encountered without a flashlight) and as I think about that event and how I got out of it I had to pat me in the shoulders 🙂

There is no time to think but to Act. Had I been my old self years ago I wouldn’t know what to do and cry. Having no phone reception unable to contact anyone anywhooo….pic45

I don’t say this so people can feel bad for me it’s the last thing I want as I’m a strong female however I say it with the intention to inspire others that it doesn’t matter what dark place your at whether it’s the woods, rock bottom, divorced, desperation… You must “act”‘ even if you don’t feel like moving…

Now that I see it with a broader lense being lost was “no big” deal but at that time it was! Definitely my past experiences have molded me into this strong feminine female to deal with whatever comes up.

It’s quite alright to be feminine and strong

Direct Sales Marketing

I’m no longer in direct sales (network marketing) however if there is one nugget I learned in my 5 year tenure that can help anyone as I’m seeing several posts on my feed of people leaving their teams or not being proactive in their business using their products it’s this:
Before any recognition of having your newest person in your team and right after they sign the dotted line whether in person or virtually
BLUEPRINT them. (Unless you recruited a  6-7 figure heavy hitter that knows what they’re doing and you personally know him/her)

Get to know them. Communicate. Be interested. What are their goals?

By not doing this 2 things will happen I can guarantee you:

1) They will not be interested in working with the company or your team 

2) They will leave. 

Every day in every way in every relationship your marketing your ideas to be heard. You want customers to recommend you, clients to hire you. Your Influence is key.

The same way your newest person wants to be heard of their Why. Why they decided to venture a new business with you. After all it did cost money. Money they probably had to borrow, work for and we all know money doesn’t grow on trees.

Point is if you master being influential & influence human behavior you can win better relationships, greater admiration & deeper trust.