Grabbing big attentions

For smaller boutique agencies can the attention of big brands is difficult, and working with the likes of CocaCola and store small group wanted to find a way to help themselves and other ad1large customers that measure the size, formed the collective hero, a select group of organizations from a wide variety of disciplines.
“We believe that the model of the Agency of the future is a collection of small, who have different skills can work together, without necessarily hold in some of the bureaucracy for goals quarterly revenue, a suffocating little creativity and objectivity when it comes to promoting the best ideas.

Visual Podiums is an extension of the Agency‘s offering valet parking podiums and their desire to help, more attention to smaller shops and stereotypes about the size really matters in marketing to dissipate,”  Large organizations have no monopoly on good ideas.”
In this sense, the collective heroes. Ratified the collective, a network of boutique agencies and start ups of the Group of heroes. The hope is to take some of the work on trademarks, looking after reliable stores, smaller.
If some people who can do that heavy lifting and reliability that we create, then helps, unity of economy and innovation at the level of small businesses, where usuallybegins,” 
Hero group was also behind the campaign  of last year, the brand manager for work with smaller stores. After how to they had expressed frustration in dealing with larger commercial plant last year in the Masters of Marketing Conference, was the team hero with the campaign.

Change your thinking

I just read in order to change your paradigm thinking…You had to experience an emotional loss or tragedy or do the opposite of what you’ve always done. 

Sounds pretty innovating!

I’ve experienced many situations that have changed my paradigm thinking. I can’t be or do what I’ve always done. I’m totally doing the opposite. Opposite mindset of what I had. Tragedies really are our best teachers and needed for us to rise from the ashes like a Powerful Phoenix.  Just know results take time. What matters is you don’t stop. It’s a lifestyle for me because it’s something I’ve been wanting to change about my life and what my doctor recommended me to do.

I was soo bummed when I gained soo much weight. This has been the heaviest I’ve been. And I’m not in comparison with nobody. I’m my own worse critic because I’m hard on myself and always push myself to achieve soo when I hit my lowest I was a mess!  Things are soo different now!  I’m more confident, own my own inner power, unstoppable and have made drastic changes which are leading me to see results.  It’s not always going to be a clean eating day… as celebrations pop up, birthdays, wine day, but what matters is you make it the best you can.  I’ve said if your craving a hershey kiss chocolate eat it as when you deprive yourself it’s more likely you’ll indulge not in 1 but the whole bag!  It’s not too late to get back in shape. 2016 is the year of lessons. It’s Graduation time! 🎓 so you can start 2017 the year of Leadership on the right foot and brand spanking new!

Finish the year STRONG!  X