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Visual podiums is the pioneer and only manufacturer of valet podiums equipped with video, media and screens capabilities for live data uploading and more. In this article you will learn howphotoman1 to use this marketing platform in the correct way. First: you will need to get familiarized with how everything it’s setup. If you own a restaurant you need to stand outside or have one of your employees standing with a smart watch. You will have them do an 8 hours shift counting how many cars passed by during each our. After you’ve done this step you will get an estimate by adding all the vehicles and subtracting by eight. Second: Find your best seller. Check with items or menu are best selling. If you bought your equipment in podium for sale  Now, you have (3) screens. Start with the front one the bigger one and include your promotions there. On the sides screens you may run the same ad or you can opt for running a totally different design. It’s up to you. This is where you will learn and try to see which tactic helps you the most.