It’s very common for body shops to vary on estimates. One auto shop might give you an estimate of $2000 mean while the other one 10 blocks down might charge you $800. ow, what’s the difference? and is it ok to go with the cheapest shop?

Here are some tips to give you a better understanding

1) Focus on what previous customers are saying
Any company can do a good marketing campaign, what there is no better campaign than those words coming from your closest friends or family Mike from AP Auto Body San Diego. You might be surprised on the reputation “X” body shop may have.

13422) Consider labor hours

David shops in San Diego charges $40 hour but in chula vista other shops they charge $70 hour while others have heard of $90 per hour. Large body shops with big buildings and lot of managers give confidence of feeling, but results can include a high amount estimate.  Other shops mention they work by rules of hours, meaning they have set standards labor rates.

3) Get estimates from different body shops

Take your vehicle to several body shops to get quotes for the work. It’s good for you to protect from companies trying to over charge you just shouldn’t go by the cheapest price. You could be risking quality of work.



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